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Re: Starting cleanup project: help wanted

>Of the above, alpha-*-interix*, alpha*-*-winnt*, i?86-*-winnt3*,
>and i?86-sequent-sysv[34]* have already been desupported.
Great!  Can I rip the support for them out of mainline then?

>Furthermore, it seems likely to me that the system headers on
>i?86-*-openbsd* don't need fixing - though, as with the other
>BSDs and Linux, it would probably be wise to run them through
>the normal fixincludes anyway.
Yeah.  Since openbsd has web CVS access, and the system headers seem to 
be in a nice ordinary place (include/math.h) rather than being 
constructed during the build process (a la Linux), I can probably 
figure this one out.  More on this soon.

>i?86-sequent-ptx4 survives,
Then I need a checkable set of headers; or I could just make an untested 
patch. :-)

>and there are still quite a few 
>targets matching *-*-sysv4*.
Then, again, I need a checkable set of headers.  One arbitary set would 
probably do; I don't need all possible sets, just one so I can check 
that my conversion to standard fixincludes is doing the same as the 
original script.

Nathanael Nerode  <neroden at>

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