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Re: What happened to libfeutil?

On Monday, July 7, 2003, at 03:54 PM, Zack Weinberg wrote:

What happened was, I prematurely created directories named libfeutil
and libfeutil/include in the CVS repository, then changed my mind and
deleted them - but the only way I know how to delete a directory in
CVS is to go into the repository and rmdir it by hand.  Since I never
checked anything into these directories, I thought this would be
harmless, but it seems I was mistaken.

Yes, it's not harmless. There's no safe way to delete a directory in CVS, the only solution is to just take care when creating them in the first place, or to not worry too much about dead directories.

There's now a libcpp and libcpp/include which may get the same
treatment, because Ben wants it called libpp. (I'd really appreciate
some opinions on what this directory *should* be called.  It is mostly
cpplib, but it's getting a number of pieces of common functionality
too, like line-map.c and hashtable.c.)

I think that libcpp is a fine name, since this is the directory for the library of the C preprocessor.

Geoff Keating <>

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