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Re: Starting cleanup project: help wanted

Nathanael Nerode <> writes:

> I'm starting the project of eliminating the exotic fixincludes scripts 
> so that all targets use the ordinary fixincludes mechanism.
> To do this properly, I'm going to need help, because I don't have access 
> to the targets which use the exotic scripts.
> I need, at the least, sets of system header files from appropriate 
> targets to test my 'new' fixes against the 'old' fixes.
> The targets needed are:
> *-*-sysv4*
> i?86-*-interix* | alpha-*-interix*
> i?86-*-openbsd*
> alpha*-*-winnt* | i?86-*-winnt3*
> i?86-sequent-ptx* | i?86-sequent-sysv[34]*
> (Alternatively, if any of these targets can be deprecated, removed, and 
> abandoned, that would be fine too.)

Of the above, alpha-*-interix*, alpha*-*-winnt*, i?86-*-winnt3*,
and i?86-sequent-sysv[34]* have already been desupported.

Furthermore, it seems likely to me that the system headers on
i?86-*-openbsd* don't need fixing - though, as with the other
BSDs and Linux, it would probably be wise to run them through
the normal fixincludes anyway.

i?86-sequent-ptx4 survives, and there are still quite a few 
targets matching *-*-sysv4*.


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