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Re: Req: Disable I18N/L10N translation forgcc-print-search-dirsoutput.

Ishikawa <> writes:

>> LC_MESSAGES=C should disable translation without any other effect.
>> (Not all systems support this variable, however.)
> Thank you for the info. Hmm, I am not sure which system supports
> LC_MESSAGES and which doesn't.

I'm not sure myself.  You can grep for it in /usr/include/locale.h -
that is at least suggestive.

LC_MESSAGES appears in the 1997 and 2001 revisions of the Single Unix
Standard, so it should be fairly common.  See respectively

>> For both these things, patches are welcome.  You are probably in a
>> better position to write them than I am, since you have firsthand
>> experience with the side effects of I18N/L10N.
> I have downloaded the GCC-3.3 tar ball from gnu mirror site.  I will
> see if I can create a patch to add the command options a la Zack's
> suggestion.

Please work from CVS HEAD instead.  There are instructions for this at
<>.  You should also read

If you are interested in I18N projects, another worthwhile improvement
would be to add support for %n$s notation to diagnostic.c.  See
<> for
details of how this is supposed to work.

I'll be happy to answer questions as you have them.

> (In the meantime, I will see if I can find the cause of the
> "slowness" of recent gcc if possible.)

We'd be glad for any help you can provide on this, too.

> Having a list of strings seem to require the use of xgettext() [
> xstring(s) doesn't seem to exist on Debian GNU/Linux) and a heavy
> massaging afterward and I am not sure how to go about it. So I will
> not attempt it as of now.

I do not understand the question here...


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