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Re: GCC for HPUX 11i

> Could you please release a version of GCC 3.2.3 built for HPUX 11i?  The 
> version of GCC on HPUX works on HPUX 11.0 but has issues with not being 
> able to parse correctly the socket.h under /usr/include/sys directory due 
> to incompatibilities between HPUX 11 and HPUX 11.11.

You can work around this problem by modifying the GCC private header
files on your system if you want.

You should have a file named something like this:


The path might be slightly different then this, 3.2 vs.  3.3 or a
different hppa* directory name.  What you need to do is add the
following lines to that file, right before the final '#endif' in the
file and things should work.  The reason for this change is that some
system header files changed between 11.00, where your GCC was built and
11i where you are running it.


#ifndef _BSIZE32_T
#    define _BSIZE32_T
     typedef int32_t   sbsize32_t;
     typedef uint32_t  bsize32_t;
#ifndef _BSIZE64_T
#    define _BSIZE64_T
#    if !defined(__STDC_32_MODE__)
        typedef int64_t  sbsize64_t;
        typedef uint64_t bsize64_t;
#    endif
#ifndef _BSIZE_T
#    define _BSIZE_T
#    if defined(_APP32_64BIT_OFF_T) || defined(_KERNEL)
        typedef int64_t  sbsize_t;
        typedef uint64_t bsize_t;
#    else
        typedef long  sbsize_t;
        typedef unsigned long bsize_t;
#    endif


Steve Ellcey

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