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List of important PRs for 3.3.1, week -3.5

Here's an update of the list of PRs that I think are important for 3.3.1. It's 
3.5 weeks until the projected release date.

Of my original list of 66 PRs, 11 have been closed in the meantime, most 
notably some in C++, the only preprocessor bug and some in the target 
section. For some reports, Janis has identified the causing patches, and Dara 
has confirmed a number of the target bugs. libstdc++ and ada haven't seen any 
action, though.

I have added one PR, 11280. That one and 1607 should be a matter of a few 
minutes, if someone wants to handle ground-dwelling fruit. Apart from that, I 
haven't added any other PRs.



    4672: Template parameter deduction fails for overloaded template
    10032: -pedantic converts some errors to warnings
    10646: non-const reference is incorrectly matched in a "const T"
           partial specialization 
    10820: ICE in poplevel with attributes
    11067: Strange warning with abstract virtual inline function
    11154: spurious ambiguity report for template class specialization

  would-be-nice (but not so important):
    5754: g++ segfaults on compilation of template-enriched code
    6949: ICE in tsubst_decl, at cp/pt.c:5733
    8361: C++ compile-time performance regression
    9311: ICE on illegal code using templates and inheritance
    10468: const typeof(x) is non-const, but only in templates
    10931: valid conversion static_cast<const unsigned
           int&>(lvalue-of-type-int) is rejected 
    10990: Cannot convert with dynamic_cast<> to a private base class
           from within a member function 

  don't know:
    7874: g++ finds friend functions defined in class-definition but
          not declared in the enclosing namespace

  don't know:
    9469: initializer element is (allegedly) not constant

  7076: iostreams very slow compared with earlier gcc versions
  9828: Segmentation fault in num_put::put
  10703: 27_io/ fails on Sparc/Solaris 2.5.1 and 2.6
  10809: mips-sgi-irix6.5 libstdc++-v3 testsuite execution failure in

  7984: ICE in loc_descriptor_from_tree
  9130: Assertion failure in einfo.adb (line 4551)
  9131: ICE in varasm.c (line 2625)
  9137: renaming of array object fails

  7993: private variables cannot be shadowed in subclasses

  1607: Format attributes on methods undocumented
  7817: Link to gcc man page in g++ man page incorrect
  11280: Manual incorrect WRT -freorder-blocks

------------------------ middle-end and optimization -------------
  10469: constant V4SF loads get moved inside loop
  10823: wrong code after first cse pass
  11083: ICE in commit_one_edge_insertion, at cfgrtl.c:1438 with -O2

  9552: ICE in named_section_flags, at varasm.c
  10510: ICE in reload, at reload1.c:1108 on hppa64-hp-hpux11.11 
  10700: [3.3/3.4 regression] ICE in copy_to_mode_reg on 64-bit targets

------------------------ targets ---------------------------------
  8869: ICE with const variable optimization and MMX builtins
  8878: miscompilation with -O and SSE
  8960: Segfault with __attribute__ ((mode (...))) in start_function
  9929: Can't find spill register in GENERAL_REGS
  10964: Problem with initialization of reference to pointer

  8498: g77, objc Testsuite failures from Unresolved symbols
  9745: miscompiles libmcrypt (alias problem during loop)
  10129: Ada bootstrap fails on powerpc-apple-darwin6.4 - invalid
         assembler emitted 

  5287: ICE with dllimport (two other testcases)
  7910: Seg fault when compiling OpenSceneGraph 0.9.1
  9738: Internal compiler error in rest_of_compilation, at toplev.c: 3491
  10148: Compiler dumps core 

  6860: ICE in pre_insert_copy_insn
  10730: -O2 generates invalid asm

  8309: m68k-elf-gcc -m5200 produces erroneous SImode set of short 
        varaible on stack
  9201: ICE in instantiate_virtual_regs_1 compiling octave-2.1
  9812: ICE in extract_insn, at recog.c:2148
  10021: alias problem during loop pass
  11054: ICE in reg_overlap_mentioned_p

  9365: segfault in gen_far_branch (config/sh/sh.c)
  10392: optimizer generates faulty array indexing
  10413: SH ICE 3.3 branch

  10681: ICE in ia64_expand_epilogue

Wolfgang Bangerth              email:  

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