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Re: Using C++ within a backend?

Matthieu Moy wrote:

Alexandre Courbot <Alexandre dot Courbot at lifl dot fr> writes:

Hi all,


Since I need to use the type-checking system designed for the
architecture I'm porting gcc to, I'll need to use C++ code from my
backend (the library I have to link to is written in C++). I thought
this might be a good idea to write as much of the backend as
possible in C++, and define the needed functions as extern "C".

I have the same problem with the file tree.h, which I can't include
from a C++ program, even with

extern "C" {
#include "..."

For now, I'm writting most of my code in pure C, and I have wrappers
around C++ functions written in C. When I want to use a tree from a
C++ file, I just typedef it to be a void *.

But in the long run, I think that GCC's header files should compile in
C++ : That would be simpler for code reuse and linking to C++
libraries, and anyway, most of the time, when a C program doesn't
compile in C++, this is because it's too dirty ...

Might it be useful to make the entire gcc compiler compilable by the C++ compiler in some future version? i.e. make the C files capable of being compiled using the C++ compiler, not converting them to C++. This would require changing the K&R definitions to inline ones, but since that appears to be in the plan anyway...

I'd think that being able to use different front ends to compile GCC
might help uncover latent bugs and ambigous constructs (since the C
and C++ front ends use different parsers, iirc).

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