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Re: proposal: Default settings from environment

> I think an easy way to do this would be for gcc to read default values from 
> the environment.  I imagine it would not be difficult to add such a patch.
> Before I submit a patch, I'd like to know what others think about this idea, 
> or would anyone like to propose an alternative.

It's been proposed many times before.  The reason this is not done by
default is that it makes bug hunting more difficult; now the "default"
environment cannot be easily predicted based on the platform.  Your users
might then report bugs to us that we have no way of reproducing, because
the -foo option was in use without the user ever having typed it.

Of course you're free to make such changes to your own copy of the code,
and then install the modified copy for your corporate environment.  If you
do this, please change the bug-reporting email address and URL in the
source to point to you.


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