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Re: Putting C++ code into gcc front end

Geoff Keating wrote:
Yes, I completely agree.  In particular, we currently represent types
and statements/expressions using trees, and I believe it's never the
case that you can substitute one for the other (and what would that
mean, anyway?); so why don't we have completely distinct type_tree and
expr_tree data structures?

Agree in principle, but there are some complications. For example decls can be expressions, which means expr_tree and decl_tree have to be the same. If you have "unresolved identifier" in the tree, then identifier has to be an expr_tree.

You can solve both of these cleanly by adding a DECL_REFERENCE
expression type.

> Of course, this has been mentioned several times before, and no-one's
> produced a patch...

Is there a way to make this change incrementally, such that
you could use type_tree in a variable or parameter declaration,
without having to fix everywhere at once?  Of course C++ would
make that too easier ...  For C, I can't think of any way,
except making type_tree just be a typedef for tree, which might
still be worthwhile for documentation purposes.
	--Per Bothner
per at bothner dot com

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