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Re: spam list ...was GCC 3.2.2 build error on Solaris 9 x86


While the solution is rather draconian, very little legitimate mail originates
from the listed domains.  Those that resolve ptrs to a .com or .org, in those
countries, are not affected (unless we have a block of address space listed).  As
everyone knows, Korea and China are extremely friendly toward spammers.  We did
an exhaustive audit over the period of several months on several different
servers.  We did not blacklist anything from which we had gotten legitimate

Given Gerald's complaint, I went back and checked logs for the past month.  So
far, we've received about 70 pieces of spam from .at all destined for our domreg
account.  Virtually all of it originated from one of the following 3 domains:

In the interest of maintaining good international relations with "one of three
countries on the planet with the strongest anti-SPAM laws" (sorry, :) couldn't
resist the jab--you know us filthy Americans), we will revise the list to reflect
those domains.

In all seriousness, I would welcome help with the list.  Excuse me: I would
WELCOME help!  We created this list to solve a problem at a handful of servers.
It has worked out well--with a miniscule 3 specific exceptions.  Even so, I would
welcome assistance in fine tuning it (or coming up with procedures to maintain



"J.D. Bronson" wrote:

> Sorry about this....but in using this list for over 4mos, this is the
> *first* false positive we received. Really....the very first!
> It has killed off tons of spam (along with using RBL).
> We dont know anyone in virtually all the countries listed (like .ru example)
> and therefore dont plan on accepting email from them at this time...
> I do have bypass email addresses in place, and of course can allow any
> legit tld or domain in...
> I can certainly edit the file and allow .at in :)
> the spam list may be a radical solution, but it has seriously stopped
> spammmers. I am very thankful to them for this list.
> Sorry about the rejected email.
> Jeff
> At 11:59 AM 2/18/2003, Joe Buck wrote:
> >On Sat, Feb 15, 2003 at 06:17:21PM +0100, Gerald Pfeifer wrote:
> > > J.D./postmaster at xpec dot com, in case you read this somehow:
> > >
> > > You are apparently using
> > >
> > > which blocked my originally message because -- my server is in Austria
> > > (ccTLD .at), one of the three countries on this planet with the strongest
> > > anti-SPAM laws.
> > >
> > > Reading the list above, really makes one wonder.  Some folks really see
> > > themselves as a kind of world police. <sigh>
> >
> >Astounding: these guys block all mail from Switzerland, where the Web
> >was first invented.  In all good conscience they should shut down their
> >web site, as clearly anything Swiss cannot be trusted. :-)
> >
> >They also block China, Korea, Japan, Italy, Poland, Russia, Singapore,
> >Spain, Columbia, Hungary, Hong Kong, France, the Czech Republic,
> >all Swedish class C networks, and Greece.
> >
> >These guys are evil: we should ask them to add to their block
> >list, so that no one who subscribes to their list can get our mail.

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