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hppa-linux regressions and 3.2.2 release


I understand the 3.2.2 release is imminent. I filed two PRs
against gcc-3.2.2 earlier last week. (#9492, #9493)  They relate to
gcc-3.2.2 regressions that are seen on hppa-linux (jda tells me 9493
happens on hppa-hpux as well).

#9493 is causing a lot of build failures in Debian. I saw 
Eric Botcazou posted a one-liner fix to the list on Jan 29. Is that
going to be checked in to 3.2.2? Or is it still pending verification?

#9492 is causing the hppa-linux kernel to be miscompiled. We have a
workaround in place, but I think there may be more silently miscompiled
cases that we have not yet discovered. No one has identified what 
causes this yet, but it seems to be a generic scheduling problem 
rather than an hppa specific one?

Both of these are fairly major regressions from 3.0, so it'll be good to
get these fixed before release. I can help test Eric's patch, but I have
no idea where to look for #9492. Does anyone have any ideas?

Randolph Chung
Debian GNU/Linux Developer, hppa/ia64 ports

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