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Weekly snapshot re-engineering suggestion

First of all I was wondering if there is a location to download snapshots
of the mainline.  I'm looking for this since when at work, I cannot access
the CVS repository.  Which means I can either update a copy at home and
burn it to CD, or make do with the weekly snapshot.  Of course, the only
snapshots available are usually for the release candidate branch, which is
not where new development should be placed.

Which gets to my real point.

It is my understanding that the reason only one branch is available is not
really a disk space issue, but instead a time issue since CVS server is so
slow at tagging.  The greater question then should be: are those
particular CVS snapshot tags even necessary?

I would think not.  Since GCC's LAST_UPDATED shows up in the -v, you
could, if necessary, duplicate the bug reporter's exact version via a "cvs
update -D yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss" command thus obliterating the need for the
hugely time consuming CVS tag which can lock the repository for hours.

Once that tagging step is eliminated, making two or three separate
snapshots shouldn't be a problem.  Likely then a script doing this could
even be run daily instead of weekly.

And please nobody respond with "Yet another reason to get rid of CVS".
Everyone already knows neither "subversion" nor "arch" have this problem
with tagging.  My suggestion is solely on how to the process until a new
source versioning system is put in place.

 Kelley Cook

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