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Re: What's difference between egcs2.91 and gcc-2.96

Hi Joe:

Thanks for your reply.
My driver is failed at run time when it was compiled with gcc-2.96 under RedHat7.X OS(it can be insmod but cannot work properly, but if I use egcs-2.91 to compile, then it works fine).
So I think that if there is the egcs-2.91 & gcc-2.96 difference list, then it will help me to save lots of time to update my device driver.
I am confused on this problem:-(. Any pointers will be great appreciated!


From: Joe Buck <>
To: (Xu Jian)
Subject: Re: What's difference between egcs2.91 and gcc-2.96
Date: Fri, 8 Nov 2002 09:32:48 -0800 (PST)

> I found that my device driver can work fine when I use egcs to compile
> But when I use gcc-2.96, it cannot work properly.
> Can you give me one difference list between egcs2.91 and gcc-2.96?

That's analogous to saying: I've lost something in your house, but I'm not
going to tell you what I lost.  Instead, I want you to send me a complete
list of everything in your house, so I can see if the list contains what I

gcc "2.96" is a Red Hat release, it didn't come from the GCC project.
But even if it did, we couldn't help you with a request like that.
You give no information on what failure you see (compile time?  run
time?).  And C programs with undefined behavior (like access to
uninitialized variables) may accidentally work with one compiler version
and not with another, or break when optimization is turned on.

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