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"as" problem when cross-compiling gcc for PowerPC

"Have we branched yet?"


(.tu) file....

- - - Accent Reduction Products...

-mrelax does not work fully, 8 bit addressing issues

-msse, -mmmx and other "-m"-Options impossible?

-Weffc++ feature request



2 new regression on darwin6.1

3.1/3.2 C++ ABI change

3.2 and 3.3 release questions

3.2 branch/openserver g++ test results looking bad

3.2-branch: Missing make dependency?

3.2.1 draft release note (second draft)

3.2.1 draft release notes

8086 target generation

[3.2] Reconsider patches for bison 1.50?

[Ada] ASIS support for gcc 3.X versions

[basic-improvements-branch] corruption somewhere...

[basic-improvements] bootstrap failure on x86

[basic-improvements] Merge from mainline 2002-09-30

[basic-improvements] Merge from trunk

[basic-improvements] Merge from trunk, 2002-10-13

Re: [DFA]: Scheduling for zSeries and S/390

Re: [GCC] removal from web archive of mailing list??? please?

[i386] memcmp very slow

[info@fsf.org: GCC bounds checking]

Re: [lsb-spec] Re: Standardizing _Unwind_* error handling interfa ces found in libgcc_s.so

RE: [lsb-spec] Re: Standardizing _Unwind_* error handling interfaces found in libgcc_s.so

Re: [lsb-spec] Re: Standardizing _Unwind_* error handling interfacesfound in libgcc_s.so

[Mainline regression] ICE when throwing strings

[mips-rewrite-branch] merge from b-i-b

[PATCH] for gcc/testsuite/gcc.dg/20020219-1.c

[PATCH] for gcc/testsuite/gcc.dg/20020411-1.c

Re: [RFC] i386 memcmp implementation and gcc builtin

[tree-ssa-branch] Can I utilize the CFG?

[tree-ssa-branch] I s the cfg suit to my work ?

[tree-ssa] basic-improvements merge as of 2002-10-21

[tree-ssa] merge with basic-improvements as of 2002-10-11

About Gcc...front end..

abysmal code generated by gcc 3.2

Re: abysmal code generated by gcc-3.2


Ada bootstrap fails on CVS mainline

Ada/GNAT runtime library?

Address of a member function at an object

address of local variables.

Advice needed how to avoid generation of extra sign_extends in .md file

AIX bootstrap failure

Any problem with CVS repositry?

Apple gcc 3.1 and OpenOffice.org

Approval question

Arena-Watch@thenhl.com Announces New Rink/Arena Design & Product Web Site

arguments size

An ask for documentation of trees

Assignment legal documents?


attribute "section" problem

Auto respuesta

Re: Backport 'cpp include directory search order warning' patch to 3.2.1?

basic-block profiling

Re: basic_string linking related problem

basic_string linking related problem.

beginner development

Big Stock News!!

bison vs gcc 3.2.1 release

bootstrap failure on darwin6.1

Bootstrap failure: libstdc++ Undefined symbols

Bootstrap on MSVC broken (real.c ICEs compiling floatdidf()) .. was RE: Bootstrap still broken on ia64

Bootstrap times on mainline are getting worse

Bug in -felide-constructors -- regression against 3.0.x.

Bug reporting [Was: Re: [PATCH] change gnats.html to fix web/8168]

Bug tracking / Release Quality Assurance

Build Issues!

C ABI changes between gcc 2.96 and gcc 3.2?

C++ ABI change since 3.2 with no warning

C++ compile-time performance regressions / PR 3083

C++ slow/swappy problem solved

c++/6074 is a regression from 2.95

Re: c/7464: weak symbols alias definitions are broken in 3.1.1 (weak alias regression from 2.95)

Re: c/7464: weak symbols alias definitions are broken in 3.1.1 (weakalias regression from 2.95)

Re: c/7464: weak symbols alias definitions are broken in 3.1.1(weak alias regression from 2.95)

Re: c/8131: Union of struct of union of struct bit field

Can "call" and "call_value" pass a temp value into the function prologue in the RETURN value register?

cc1plus errors

Char as long as one Word , Int twice a Word

Christians please read

Code Optimization

Compilation speed and builtin functions

compile/simd-* test failures

compiling gnat on osx

condition codes question

Convergence of GCC - slightly off topic

CR/NL problem with cpp.exe under Cygwin

cross compiler IDE on MacOS X

CSE failing for SH due to weak alias analysis

Current GCC Trees (mainline+3.2) are broken with C++

Current release schedule

cvs problems?

Data Type sizes question

dependency analyzer vs. drawf

deprecate i960 now?

DFA Scheduling Queries

divmod , division+modulo problem in rtl

divmod , signed division problem in rtl

Do you want to generate new business?

Does 'make install' changes xgcc?

Does anyone actually use GCC on Interix?

Does gcc 3.2 branch bootstrap on RedHat 7.3?

Does the assembler as-MCORE support preprocessing ?

Re: Don't drop GCC on Interix!


DWARF question/inlining/local classes

Enquete: Composition du Menage et Niveau de Vie

error : multiple definition of

Error in building gcc!!

Re: Error on the development plan web page?

Re: Exhaustive simulator testing

expalin this syntax pls

exporting symbols in shared libraries

fabs(-0.0) and soft-float

Failure to bootstrap gcc 20021015 cvs trunk on cygwin: SIGSEGV gengtype.c:376: rtx_next[i] = -1;

Failure to bootstrap gcc 20021024 cvs trunk for sparc64-linux: gcc/real.h:67: error: size of array `test_real_width' is negative

Finding resource usage for RTL instructions..

Finding resource usage for RTL instructions........

floating point decimal to binary conversion errors

Fortran Vs. C (g77 vs GCC) for numerical analyses

Four to 18 qualified sales leads everyday!

fourth draft: gcc 3.2.1 release notes

g++ "loosing" options

g++ 3.2 bug?

g++ errors

G++ generating unaligned access?

gcc -save-temps foo.c fails to build foo.o

gcc 3 does not recognise qt-mt ?

gcc 3.2

Re: GCC 3.2 branch libstdc++ abi_check.cc bootstrap failure on AIX

GCC 3.2 build problem

GCC 3.2 docs in A4 Only?

GCC 3.2 issues on Solaris

gcc 3.2 on SuSE Email Server 3.1

GCC 3.2.1 -- Request for Bug Fixers

gcc 3.2.1 draft release notes, 3rd draft

gcc 3.2.1 schedule?

gcc and g77

gcc binary for HPUX 10.20 ?

Re: GCC Conference?

GCC default structure packing on SPARC Solaris and IA32 Linux

gcc documentation

Re: GCC Feature question

GCC floating point usage

gcc help

GCC Installation

Re: gcc logo

gcc make error

gcc optimization for scyld OS

gcc page

GCC regression testing

gcc strcpy pseudo bug or detail

gcc, gcj, & compilation

gcc-3.2 -MD -o misbehaviour

gcc-3.2 and lsb compatible elf format

gcc-3.2 bootstrap

gcc-3.2 build problem in the java area

FW: gcc-3.2 installation

gcc-3.2 on Mac OS X 10.1.3

gcc-3.2 with glibc-2.3 compile problem

gcc-3_2-branch bootstrap failure when using bison-1.50

Gcc-backend files,

gcc-backend query..

gcc-specific array operator in C

gcc-ss-20021007 is now available

gcc-ss-20021014 is now available

gcc-ss-20021021 is now available

gcc-ss-20021028 is now available

gcc.c-torture/compile/20020927-1.c without ChangeLog entry?

gcc.dg/weak/typeof-2.c makes invalid assumptions about the assembler language

Re: gcc.dg/weak/typeof-2.c makes invalid assumptions about the assemblerlanguage

Re: gcc.gnu.org: web server config problem

Getting access to anonymous_namespace_name in dwarf2out.c

glibc-2.2.5 bug triggered by Java interpreter


gnats account

gnu on solaris

Handling of inlining broken in mainline

header compilation

Re: Help me isolate a bug!

Help needed

help on adding new insns like min/max

help: why libstdc++.so.5 not found after installed gcc-3.2

High priority bugs status


How can the "call" and "call_value" instructions determine whether they are calling a function that has a variable number of arguments?

How do I run dejagnu's runtest with other timeout value for specific tests in gcc's testsuite?

How do you configure & build gcc on biarch?

How I know which modules from a givem library one program has?

How is generic SIMD support supposed to work?

How to compile old GCC version using new GCC version?

How to get GCC manual webpage in one gzip file

how to get value of real constant in .tu file

How to learn linux device driver

How to traverse the tree structure for each function??

How to use Dejagnu for gcc-3.0?

hppa64 threading



I have a question about gcc version.

ia64 linux doesn't bootstrap

if-conv problem....

if-conversion pass....

Illegal code generation: gcc-3.2 --target=m68k-elf

Improved use of TREE_SYMBOL_REFERENCED in the C++ front end

Improving Alias Analysis

in memorial to the autobuild regression checker

In The Q Store Owners

Incorrect DFA scheduling of inline assembly

insn generator strange behaviour.

INSN_UID same for two insns?

Installing GCC on Mandrake SNF 7.2

Internet listing

iostream question

Is the gcc-3_3-branch creation still on target?

It's target deprecation season again!

Join Leaders, get your clients and money

Join the Leaders, get 50$ for registration

Knowing Whether a function contains inner nested functions.

Language-platform marix

libffi return value convention bug

libgcc2 __fixsfdi

libstdc++ related bootstrap failures

Libtool problem (Was: Multilib libjava problem)

link error: multiple definition of


linking problem

Re: linking problem -> filesizes are zero

Re: linking problem solved by using cygwin bzip2 and tar


The Linux binutils is released

List of Java Contributors

load multiple

load multiple from const labels?

Loop dependence analysis!!

Luoyang Zhong Ding Ancient Art Institute

Re: machine description porting question.

Re: Make -pthread the generic Posix-threads option for gcc

Re: Make -pthread the generic Posix-threads option for gcc (was: Re: cc1plus errors)

Make -pthread the generic Posix-threads option for gcc (was: Re:cc1plus errors)

memcpy and memcmp

memory allocation to variables

Re: memrefs_conflict_p () for REGs in alias.c

Re: MIPS gas relaxation still doesn't work

mips-linux-gnu doesn't use SIZE_TYPE/PTRDIFF_TYPE from mips.h

missing gthr-pthread.h

Missing pieces??

Missing warning?

MMIX: all but first g++.dg/compat fail; no g++_tg.o. Why?

Modifying Insns

Re: module level flags

modulo scheduling for IA64

Multilib libjava problem

Multilib User Libraries

Need advice and example with a port to big endian machine that puts characters in the MOST significant byte of registers

Need help restricting a shift instruction's shift count operand to a specific general purpose register

Need info for tree to rtl conversion

new edge coverage profiler on gcc 3.3

New High Performance Rink System Installed In Washington State

New, earlier, mainline bootstrap failure on sparcv9-sun-solaris2.8


Obsolete installation instructions and inconvenient CVS HOWTO

Opening archive files

OpenWatcom compiler source code is available now

Operator overloading problem

Re: optimization/6162: gcc 3.0.4: certain i386 asm reloader ice

PATCH for Re: http://gcc.gnu.org

PATCH for Re: VCG or GNUVCG or GVCG or GViz?

PATCH for Re: web page starting to show its age

PATCH: h8300-elf fix for gcc.c-torture/execute/20020307-2.c

PATCH: Revert part of c++ change (Re: Does gcc 3.2 branch bootstrap on RedHat 7.3?)

Re: Patch: stab info for const fields

peephole2 and insn question

please call me

PLEASE DISREGARD MY PREVIOUR MAIL Re: machine description porting question.

pointers are not permitted as case values

porting gcc

ppc glibc 2.3 failure

PR 7306 (C++/i86 thunk bug with varargs)

PR 7765 and internationalization

PR 8134: C++ crash

PR 8146 (was: gcc 3.2.1 schedule?)

PR c++/8279: ostream_iterator problems

pre-compiled gcc 295 rpm?

problem building cross compiler for arm-linux under cygwin

Problem in configuring the ASN1 Compiler

Problem in make

Problem with libraries

Problem with using new libs with old app (without relink)

Problems building GNAT on OS X with top-of-tree

Problems with Java segment of website

Problems with message translations (was: c++/7765)

Problme building gcc cvs trunk on sparc64-linux: gcc/real.h:67: error: size of array `test_real_width' is negative

Re: Problme building gcc cvs trunk on sparc64-linux:gcc/real.h:67: error: size of array `test_real_width' is negative

profiling on AIX

Profiling on mips-irix6? (Testcase gcc.dg/nest.c failure)

Q(backend): Indirect register access

query about back-end issues

query about Gcc-backend..

Query about reload pass !!

A question about arg pointer elimination

question about gcc

Question about gcc 3.2

Question on fixup_abnormal_edges

Question on insn scheduling and SP

Question on PCH and future 3.4(?)

Questions about modifing AST.

Questions how to test correct c++ library install.

quickstrap, et al, at the top level?

quote marks [was: Status of i18n patches]

reading the gcc-IR in back-end

real.c fails floating point tests

Re: real.c fails floating-point tests

real.c implementation

real_to_decimal rounds incorrectly

regex and gcc question

Register allocation - varying numbers

Register Allocation Algorithm..

regression in simd-4.c on darwin6.1

Re: Release schedule

release status and optimization/8334

reload reg


removal from web archive of mailing list??? please?

Re: Remove reference to nonexistent TYPE_* macros from tree.def

Re: Rename -W to -Wextra ?

Request of new __attribute__ for switch statements (elimination of the bounds check)

Re: Request of new __attribute__ for switch statements (eliminationof the bounds check)

restrict keyword [was: expalin this syntax pls]

Re: Reverting Mark's cp patch (Was: Re: [basic-improvements] bootstrap failure on x86)

Reverting Mark's cp patch (Was: Re: [basic-improvements] bootstrapfailure on x86)

RFAdvice - a couple of old lost Altivec patches

RFC: Support for optional library files in specs

RH 8.0 build of gcc-3.2


rtl indexed addressing mode question

running gcc testcases

RE: SCO OpenServer Build status for GCC 2.95


Segmentation fault in compiling gcc 3.0

Serious regression: c++/8287

Sesso ma vero...


short question

Simple code produces ICE in gcc-3.2.1

Slow/Swappy C++ compilation

Small object optimizations

soft-float support

Specifying dg-do based on the target ?

speed benchmark ?

splitting addhi, addsi

Re: stage1 bootstrap failuer to build gcc.3.3: cppfiles.c:1168: error: parse error before ']' token etc.

standard files errors...

Re: Standardizing _Unwind_* error handling interfaces found in libgcc_s.so

Standardizing _Unwind_* error handling interfaces found inlibgcc_s.so

Statement incorrect in doc

Re: status

status of high-priority GNATS bugs

Status of i18n patches

Status of i18n patches (again)

Status of new graph-coloring register allocator?

Status of SSE builtins

Steering Comittee Standards/Roles....

Still getting phantom unsub requests issued.

streams is slow under gcc

string literals in struct initializers with C++

Subject: Kernel bugs that trip expect (Was: Re: 2 new regression on darwin6.1)

Subject: Removing the arg_index field from cpp_hashnode

subversions.gnu.org not being updated

Re: subversions.gnu.org not being updated (fwd)

Succesfully built gcc-3.2 (c, c++, f77) on powerpc-ibm-aix4.3.3.0

Successful bootstrap of gcc-3.2

Successful bootstrap of gcc-3.2 (C, C++, ObjC, F77) on s390-ibm-linux

successful build info

Successful build of gcc 3.2 on i686-pc-cygwin on Windows 2000

Sun Glasses

Sun Tag

Surplus Machine Still In Plant

Swapped lines in i386.c:k6_cost?

Target ABIs with 16bit ints.

Re: target/8309

Technology Cooperation of Clean Fuel

Testing with multilibs?

Re: testsuite cleanup?

Testsuite reorganization, documentation, cleanup?

Thank you again fro tom!

Thank you for contacting the .NET Framework SDK Team.

This is truly amazing !!

Throw/Catch not working in SO?

time for bug triage?

toplevel of src working again.

Tr:Rep:Re: gcc-specific array operator in C


Treelang on GCC 3.2

Trouble building gcc-3.2/libstdc++ on soft-fp m68k-linux

Trouble compiling gcc 3.2 on Linux Playstation 2

Trouble with EABI

trying to build cross compiler for powerpc w/x686 host - no crti.o

Re: trying to build cross compiler for powerpc w/x686 host - nocrti.o

two new failures on darwin6.1 fastmath-1.c

Type based aliasing


Ultrasparc-III+ performance of GCC 3.1

unknown dynamic entry

The untested Linux binutils

Update: status of high-priority GNATS bugs

Usable flags for tree-ssa-branch?

using decls and template methods

Using get_attr_type in final_prescan_insn

Using SCRATCH Register for a mov op,

V3 vs. symbol versions

Variable-sized types vs. templates

VCG or GNUVCG or GVCG or GViz?

very old versions of GCC...

virtual inline optimizations

vtable layout in 3.1 versus 3.3

VxWorks maintainership

Warning stats for all targets (was: Re: illegally shared subreg)

Web Page Content Error

Web page http://gcc.gnu.org/ml/gcc-bugs/2001-03/msg00764.html

web page starting to show its age

Re: Website in XHTML

what does this word mean?

What to do about already reported bugs

When to emit the vtable for a class template

Which gcc version to test?

Why C++ tests in C testsuite?

Why eh_frame sections in libgcc.a?

Why is srcdir set to `.'?

Why not move out of the city? Website developers move to Show Low, AZ !

x86 reload bug in merge_assigned_reloads


xfail gcc.dg test

XML dumping and GraphViz/VCG in the GCC ast-optimizer-branch

yet another set of 3.2.1 draft release notes

You are invited

Your change to expmed.c on 3/13/2002

Your Confirmation Is Needed, Bucko!

Your message to EMirror-List awaits moderator approval

Your page http://gcc.gnu.org/install/binaries.html


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