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#line and g++

*No* bootstraps on sparc[v9]-sun-solaris2.8

-fdump-translation-unit graph tool


Re: -fdump-translation-unit-xml ( patch )

1,5 million actual German email adresses

128-bit precision

20020412-1.c execution failure on darwin6.1

2003 China International Photoelectric Industry Fair

Re: 3.2

3.2.1 release?

64-bit integers on IA32

RE: 7506 - Temporary fix to g++ 3.2/binutils 2.13/Solaris 2.7 or later

[BENCHMARK] Corrected gcc3.2 v gcc2.95.3 contest results

Fwd: [BENCHMARK] gcc3.2 v 2.95.3 (contest and linux-2.5.38)

[BENCHMARK] Statistical representation of IO load results with contest

[bootstrap failure on 3.2 branch] Re: PATCH to avoid copying tail padding

Re: [bootstrap failure on 3.2 branch] Re: PATCH to avoid copyingtail padding

[DFA]: Scheduling for zSeries and S/390

[Fwd: FreeBSD 5's new typedef system]

[Fwd: GCJ Debug Info Generation]

[Fwd: Windows-native GCJ 3.2 (Alternate Approach)]

[GCC 3.x] Performance testing for QA

[gcc-3_4-basic-improvements] Mainline merge as of 2002-09-04

[gcc-3_4-basic-improvements] Mainline merge as of 2002-09-17

[gcc-3_4-basic-improvements] Mainline merge as of 2002-09-19

Re: [GCC] Re: Rogue requests being issued

re:[PATCH] Fix libstdc++ usage of __ctype_b/__ctype_to* (take 2)

[PORT] BeOS port problem and suggestion

[tree-ssa-branch] execinfo.h missing, was: Mainline merge 2002-09-03

[tree-ssa-branch] Mainline merge 2002-09-03

[tree-ssa-branch] Mainline merge as of 2002-09-08

[tree-ssa-branch] Mainline merge as of 2002-09-15

[tree-ssa] bnw-simple-branch now usable

[tree-ssa] DCE

[tree-ssa] DCE broken

[tree-ssa] Disastrous simplification of large switch stmt

[tree-ssa] inlining now works on bnw-simple-branch

[tree-ssa] Merge with b-i branch as of 2002-09-19

[tree-ssa] Merging with bnw-simple

[tree-ssa] Proposal: switch merges to basic-improvements branch

[tree-ssa] Use of build_binary_op

[ussg.iu.edu #1227] AutoReply: Statement

Re: __main

Re: The __Main Question

abt ir of gcc....

Alignment on x86

Ambiguous base class

Re: Ambuguous base class

Andrew Haley co-maintainer of Java front-end

Another Objective-C compiler question

Another performance regression

Are ICEs par for the course on HEAD?

Array-to-pointer conversion in cast expressions

Athlon maintainer?

AW: Error: C++ Exception Handling on AIX 4.3 with gcc 3.0.1

Backport 'cpp include directory search order warning' patch to 3.2.1?

Re: Backport 'cpp include directory search order warning' patch to3.2.1?

Bad ChangeLog entry

bad hoist

BeOS R5 port

Biulding an application , runnable on AIX 4.3/5.1 and 32/64 bit platforms

Bootstap failure: REAL_VALUE_LDEXP lost

bootstrap compare failure

Bootstrap failure building fastjar/jar.1, missing pod2man

bootstrap failure in real.h for sparc64-unknown-linux-gnu with trunk

bootstrap failure on linuxppc

Re: Bootstrap failure on sparc-unknown-netbsdelf1.5W

Bootstrap problems on VAX with gcc-current.

Bootstrap still broken on ia64

Broken Link !!

bug in gcc

Re: bug introduced by inlining patch

Bugs in SSA-CCP and SSA-PRE optimizers

Build broken - doc related.

Build failure cygwin -> sh-elf cross compiler

Build problem: sparc64 host, avr target

build report alpha linux

Building an application on one machine and running it on other

Re: Building an application on one machine and running it on other

C ABI: struct/union inconsistency

Re: C++ ABI

Re: C++ ABI Issues

C++ compatibility testing

C++ Extension: Default argument circularity stuff

c++ lib in gcc 3.x

RE: c/8023 -- bit_field_ref question


Can you help me figure out why I can't build this.

Can't bootstrap gcc 20020930 cvs trunk: gcj.texi:643: No matching `@end table'

Re: Can't bootstrap gcc 20020930 cvs trunk: gcj.texi:643: Nomatching `@end table'

Can't bootstrap gcc+binutils 20020913 trunk on sparc32-linux (sun4m)

Can't seem to rebuild old gcc

Cannot build libmudflap

cannot build trunk: abi_check doesn't link



cleaning up VMS chapter in manual

Coding style question

Combine deletes non noop insns

Re: Compatibility between gcc versions

compile gcc with GNU objc runtime on a MacOS system

compiling c++

configure, build and file cleanup

Converting local (or static) functions to global with make

Re: Copyright assignment

Copyright Assignment

cross compile?

CVS server broken?


Data structure for using directive

Re: define_reservation regexp duplicated in pentium.md for two different reservation names

Defining special builtin functions for DFA/VLIW scheduling

DejaGnu 1.4.3 released

dlopen/dlclose with static variables

Do you suffer with chronic pain?

Does zero_extend (const_int) *ever* have a valid meaning

Dot ('.') in label despite having "NO_DOT_IN_LABEL" defined

Doubt regarding ppc_405-gcc compiler

Equipment recieved from insuance claims.

Error on Bootstrap

Error on the development plan web page?

error passing variable sized arguments (PR c/3711)

Error when -mrelax used with -g for sh-elf tool chain

Error: C++ Exception Handling on AIX 4.3 with gcc 3.0.1

Errors with GCC Building

Exhaustive simulator testing

expand_expr: mode of returned value

Failure to build libstdc++-v3/src/complex_io.cc witg gcc cvs trunk 20020921 on sparc64-linux

Re: faq question about installation of several versions of gcc andlinking at runtime of compiled programs

Faster Reference Counting [was faster compilation speed]

Feature request: "Error" string in error messages

Re: FIRST_PARM_OFFSET() depending on "frame_pointer_needed" and "regs_ever_live[]". Can it?

Re: forcing tail/sibling call optimization

Format of activation records in gcc..

formats and syslog question

Fortran Bug Fix Plan for 3.3.


FreeBSD 4.6.2 with GCC3.2

FYI: FreeBSD 5 has imported gcc 3.2 + branch patches

FYI: PRs fixed in 3.2.1 so far

FYI: Webapge fails XHMTL validation

g++ -static-libgcc not working (g++ 3.0.4).

G++ 3.2, Sol 7/sparc, dynamic linking problem?

G++ defines _GNU_SOURCE, implies C99

g77 not functional?

Re: Garbage Collection

GC stack overflow on mainline

gcc 3.1, 3.2 on linux: Missing libgcc_s.a ?

Gcc 3.2 compiler driver bug (?)

Re: Gcc 3.2 compiler driver bug [UPDATE]

gcc 3.2 intallation

GCC 3.2 on Mandrake 8.1

GCC 3.2 Online Manuals

GCC 3.2 request

GCC 3.2 successful build

gcc 3.2 SuSE 7.3 Kernel 2.4.10 glibc 2.2.4

gcc 3.3 got faster.

GCC build results

GCC Conference?

GCC Feature question

GCC Home Page - Search, HTTP 500

gcc installation problem

gcc logo

gcc manual

gcc ver 3.0.4 problem[s] . .

gcc-20020909, Objective-C, and compiling the Swarm libraries

gcc-3.2 installation on Slackware GNU/Linux 8.1

gcc-ss-20020902 is now available

gcc-ss-20020909 is now available

gcc-ss-20020916 is now available

gcc-ss-20020923 is now available

gcc-ss-20020930 is now available

gcc.dg/weak/typeof-2.c test case assumptions

gcc.gnu.org: web server config problem

gcc/ChangeLog rotation?


GDB not recognizing the core file

generating instrn attribute files....

Re: GNU web site links to old GCC home page

Re: gpc with gcc 3.1.1

h8300-elf compiler failure with -fprofile-arcs

FW: H8300-elf make-check results

Hello how have you been...

Fwd: Help

Help : Build problem

Help Installing gcc

Help me isolate a bug!

Help w/ CFG/loop optimization problem?

help with C(I know that have many c master here)

help with reporting bug compiling proprietary code

Help! "misalign" option with gcc

Help: Attempting to build GCC on Win98

helpin out with beginner projects

Re: Here NOW for RescueTees.com

How add a our own source file to GCC's source for compiling

How can I get the BSS emitted at the start of the file instead of the end of the file?

How can I get the gcc?

How do I build gcc + binutils trunk on ultra1 SPARC

How to detect if we're using gas/gld in the testsuite?

How to generate control flow graph from AST

How to getline when you have used cin >> char?

how to have CALL_USED_REGISTERS saved on stack ?


Re: HPUX C++ ABI, and the vendor library

hpux11.00 linking - Data Linkage Table (+z) overflow

Huge executable file with gcc version 3.1.1

i370 float.h values?

i686-pc-linux-gnu RedHat 7.2 kernel 2.4.9-34 glibc 2.2.4-29

IEEE 754 Compliance

Inability to build gcc-3.1 with binutils-2.13 cross toolchain...

RE: Information on GCC

Inquiries Regarding IA64 Compiler for 64-bit Windows

Install Instructions

Installing Over Old Install

Re: Is there a newer DLX port for gcc?

java home page comes out blank

Keypressed routine

Label question

Lamer questions re PC install of gcc, gcc FAQ

Re: Language-independent functions-as-trees representation

Re: Large block device patch, part 1 of 9 (fwd)

libgcc2.c floatdisf is broken

libmudflap porting: was Re: [tree-ssa-branch] execinfo.h missing

RE: libstdc++-v3 does not include wchar_t specializations while build ing gcc 3.2 for Solaris8

limit for # of items created with "new" ?

Linking problems with gcc and g++ on Solaris

Listar command results: No commands found

Looking for Objective-C team members to answer a protocol question

RE: Loving

LynxOS 4.0 and gcc 3.x

Re: mainline bootstrap failure in libstdc++ on sparcv9-sun-solaris2.8 (fwd)

mainline bootstrap failure in libsupc++ on sparcv9-sun-solaris2.8

mainline bootstrap failure in makeinfo in fastjar on sparcv9-sun-solaris2.8

mainline bootstrap failure on sparc-sun-solaris2.8

make check --target=h8300-hms Results

Re: make check --target=h8300-hms Results

make check for h8300-elf - unresolving test cases

make, make bootstrap, bool & gcc 2.95

Re: march question on pentium4

maximize register allocation

MB_LEN_MAX conflict between gcc's limits.h and newlib's sys/config.h

MEMBER_TYPE_FORCES_BLK and attribute transparent_union


memrefs_conflict_p () for REGs in alias.c

Missing documentation in df.c

Missing something

Mitsubishi M16C port?

module level flags

modulo scheduling for IA64

Re: More 128 bit floating point stuff for PA64

More missing documentation in regrename.c

need a gcc-binary for HPUX 10.20

Need help getting this simple code frag to optimize well. Aliasing problem?

A new branch has been created.

Newspaper listing

No bootstraps for mainline on sparc[v9]-sun-solaris2.8

Re: non-gcc related question: Language that allows defining non-swappable regions of code

non-gcc related question: Language that allows definingnon-swappable regions of code


Objective-C library

Optimization and Warning documentation

Optimization flag causing crash of a multithreaded application

OT: Is this the right list? - [Fwd: #line and g++]

OT: Re: help with C(I know that have many c master here)

OT: sparc, sparcv9, & sparc64 [Was: What about sparcv9-linux as target for configure?]

The pack attribute

parse error before `PARAMS' ? help please.

Parse error with member templates

Re: Passing -Wabi to all target libraries

Patch for gcc.c-torture/execute/ieee/20010226-1.c

PATCH for Re: C++ ABI?

PATCH for Re: GCC 3.2 Online Manuals

PATCH for Re: GNAT Users Guide *online* ?

PATCH for Re: Reorder Release Listing on http://gcc.gnu.org/

Re: PATCH: GCC 3.2 suddenly fails every java test, CLASSPATH wrong

PATCH: libstd++-v3 configure script and target mingw32

Performance regression

pfstream.h ?? and install on redhat 73

Re: please be aware of the versioning on the C++ compiler

please patch gcc-3.2.1 tree for glibc-2.3 [PATCH] Fix libstdc++usage of __ctype_b/__ctype_to*

powerpc64 doloop not used in all loops?

PR optimization/6713 and PR c/7102

PR other/7263

PR: 7503 - Temporary fix to g++ 3.2/binutils 2.13/Solaris 2.7 or later

a problem about gcc-3.2?

Problem in s390/s390.md?

problem logging into cvs for gcc src download

problem with libstdc++

Problems linking c++ statically on AIX using gcc 3.2

problems with dejagnu

profiling on ARM

PT_GNU_EH_FRAME semantics

PUBLICITY: Get 30% off our New POWERBOOKS 2.0

Q: front-ends to gcc

Query for Cross-compiler

query: intermediate representation

A question about a libcall

Question for your gcc FAQ: What is egcs?

Questions about defaults.h ASM_FORMAT_PRIVATE_NAME

real_from_string fails to convert negative values

Recent GCC bootstrap time improvements

Regression tester status

Release schedule

Reorder Release Listing on http://gcc.gnu.org/

Results for g++ 3.3 application testing on i686-pc-linux-gnu

return pattern

Re: RFC: attribute "unpadded" (cf flexible array members)

RFD: asm-register-declared local variables and asm clobber overlap

RFD: constraint letter suffixes

Rogue requests being issued

rs6000 sibcall test

rs6000/sysv4.h: -mcall-i960-old: why?

RTL Generation and Matching

Running compile-tests

Sell D.C and A.C. motor

Sequential build of libjava

set_mem_attributes_minus_bitpos vs. size

sibcall vs attribute((noreturn))

sibcall vs PIC

sibcall vs sign extension

sibcall/tailcall terminology

Single Element Vectors

Re: small unreviewed patch for 3.4 basic improvements [kill Vax/VMS]

small unreviewed patch for 3.4 basic improvements...

Snapshots of gcc-3.2.1 also available?

RE: Software Convention Proposal

sparc64-linux busted as a cross compiler

SPECfp2000 worsening

speculative instantiation and diagnostics

Re: stage1 bootstrap failuer to build gcc.3.3: cppfiles.c:1168: error: parse error before ']' token etc.

the standard of c++ supported by gcc


Status of Ada in GCC?

Strange math library results on i386-linux

subreg vs register_operand

Successful build

successful build gcc 3.2 on NetBSD i386 1.6

Successful build of 2.95.3 on Solaris 9

Successful built: gcc, g++, g77, objc

Successful compile on custom system

Successful install V3.2 on True64 v5.1

Successfull build

Suggest glibc patch

Surprises running gcc 3.2 configure on Cygwin

Test cases and expecting failures

Test standard function names?

TFmode support.

Throwing C++ exceptions in signal handlers

TMS 320C54XX ??

Re: top level: make more dependencies explicit

A TOT bug in handling volatile vars?



Trivial patch to ssa.c

two different versions?

The Ultimate E-Business!!



The untested Linux binutils

Update of gcc/config/alpha/elf.h

upgrading gcc

URGENT!! :reload pass generate indirect memory ref

Use of VLA in struct in gcc-torture/execute/20020412-1.c


Re: A very new website

We got your submission -- thanks!

Web pages maintainer

Website in XHTML

Weird error message

What about sparcv9-linux as target for configure?

where can I find GNU CC grammar

Re:where to get reservation tables

where to get resource reservation tables...

Wide-character literals and arbitrary unicode characters?

Wish : -Winitialize on instance variables in constructors.

Work in progress: "Super Sib Calls"; opinions sought

www.ussponsorship.com (Launch)

your gemstone and cutting service supplier in China

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