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Re: problems with dejagnu

Fergus Henderson <> writes:

> I'm getting different results every time I run `make -k check'.
> Is this normal? ;-)

No, it's a bug.

(The one exception is that sometimes, timeouts can appear and
disappear depending on system load.  The solution to that is to increase
the timeout or make gcc faster so that the tests don't time out.)

> As far as I can tell, the intermittent additional failures that I get
> are spurious ones which seem to be caused by the output of gcc being
> somehow truncated.  The tests work fine if I execute run them manually
> using ".../xgcc -B.../ ...".  The tests which are giving intermittent
> results are gcc.dg/typespec-1.c and gcc.dg/format/ext-3.c,
> both of which have a large number of errors or warnings, and the symptom
> is that according to runtests, gcc is not reporting the last few.
> My environment is as follows:
> 	- OS is Debian Linux 3.0 (stable)
> 	- CPU is x86
> 	- dejagnu version 1.4.2-1.1
> 	- expect version 5.32.2-4

>From the description, I think you're hitting an expect bug.  Try using
expect 5.26, which is the version in

- Geoffrey Keating <>

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