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Re: Does gcc works as a cross compiler to 8031 micro controllers ?

Dave Hudson <> writes:
> Hi Jim,
> While 8031/8051 processors are problematic I think your statement
> isn't strictly correct

Yes, you are right.  My statement was overly broad.  I was just trying to give
a simple answer to a simple question, and not get bogged down in all of the
details.  The poor guy got flamed for something beyond his control, so it was
only decent of us to give him a real answer.

I am not familiar with the AVR, 68hc11, and IP2022.  The H8 family is a mixed
8/16 bit part.  It has 8 16-bit registers, and thus isn't too bad as a gcc
target.  Looking at the 68hc11 port, I see that it has some 16-bit registers,
so it doesn't look like an 8-bit microcontroller to me, it looks like a
mixed 8/16 bit part.  Maybe we need a definition of what exactly an 8-bit
microcontroller is?

While it is certainly possible to emit code for some 8-bit microcontrollers,
I'd argue that it isn't worth the trouble.  The quality of code you get is
so bad that you would be better off writing in assembly language.  Also, you
have to take so many liberties with the C standard that you really aren't
writing C code anymore.


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