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Re: documenting C++ and libstdc++ ABI issues

On Tue, 27 Aug 2002, Janis Johnson wrote:

> I'd like to formalize the documentation about C++ ABI conformance and
> libstdc++ consistency.  I'll start with my notes from
> and Benjamin's doc at
>  It will incorporate
> pieces of the Interoperation section of the GCC Manual; that section is
> currently under "Known Causes of Trouble" and looks horribly out of date

There are at least two GCC manual sections relating to ABIs.  The
appropriate one to expand with non-C information (linking to appropriate
external documents) is probably that in the internals manual in
interface.texi.  As with that in trouble.texi, it suffers from documenting
information about old systems that few people use GCC on and not current
information about the ABIs for currently used systems.  (There may be
information in both those sections that relates *only* to systems for
which support has been removed; any such information should be removed.)

Explicit references to the external ABI specifications followed for C for
at least the current primary release platforms, and any known deviations
from those, and any extensions, would also be useful.

> (example: "The GNU assembler (GAS) does not support PIC").

It has been suggested this is still true for some a.out BSD systems (for
which the relevant support was never merged into GNU binutils).

Joseph S. Myers

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