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Re: gcc-3.2/gcc/NEWS file

   On Thu, Aug 15, 2002 at 10:46:53PM -0400, William Bader wrote:
   > The sequence below in "NEWS" has "complier" for "compiler"
   > and an extra "*" on the next line.
   The NEWS file in the release is generated from the online release notes.
   This patch fixes two small problems in this entry.  The formatting looks
   fine to me, so I don't know how the generated file gets the extra "*".

I suspected that the NEWS file was generated, but I didn't know from where.

   -   <li>A bug whereby the complier could generated bad code for
   +   <li>A bug whereby the compiler could generate bad code for
	   <code>bzero</code> has been fixed.</li>

Maybe the conversion program is opening up a new item after the </li>
or at the whitespace between the </li> and the <ul>.

   > Also, I have unofficial gcc-3.2 bounds checking patches at
   Hmm, are things like that listed somewhere on the GCC web site?
   Janis (who volunteered to help out with these things while Gerald is gone)

Yes, there is a link on the extensions page

By the way, I made the patches on a RedHat 7.1 Pentium II Linux system
last night (using ld-2.12.1 and RedHat's gcc and as), and I just checked
them on a SCO OpenServer 5.0.5 Pentium system (using SCO's dev sys).


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