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Re: new build scheme on hold :-/ (Nathanael Nerode)  wrote on 08.07.02 in <>:

> We're trying to build installable files in a different directory, a
> subdirectory of the top level. It doesn't *need* to be done; it was
> thought that it would make a number of things simpler.  Unfortunately,
> it is probably too hairy to actually do.

Well ...

I think one of the suggestions was to install everything into a local  
directory, and have an entierly separate routine for moving stuff from  
there to the ultimate destination, right?

In that case, could one trick the machinery so that this intermediate- 
install directory looks to it as if it were the normal automake final  
installation directory? Surely that *has* to work.

The main problem would then be to convince autoconf to save the  
specification of the actual install target somewhere and replace them with  
the more-or-less fixed intermediate install target before doing anything  
interesting with that.

Automake would know nothing about all of this. As far as it is concerned,  
the world looks as if you had said something like

../src/configure --prefix=$PWD/intermediate-install

MfG Kai

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