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Re: Commit policy wrt. to-be-obsolete targets

In message <>, Joel Sherrill writes:
 > wrote:
 > > 
 > >  In message <>, Jason R Thorpe
 > > writes:
 > >  > I know there are some codegen bugs lurking, but a mostly-working
 > > NetBSD/pc532
 > >  > kernel can be built from the current compiler.  We're working on a deja
 > gnu
 > >  > setup so we can do the execute bits of the testsuite in some reasonable
 > >  > manner (I have to figure out how to make dejagnu do the execute tests
 > >  > remotely -- you do NOT want to know how long it takes a pc532 to build 
 > tcl :
 > > It certainly has these kinds of capabilities.  You should be able to build
 > > the tests on a modern host and run the testsuite on the modern host.  It'l
 > l
 > > arrange to push the binaries down to the target machine via ssh, nfs, rcp,
 >  etc
 > > [ I don't recall precisely which transports are currently used. ]
 > If Jason is willing to fix, regularly test, and report on the
 > pc532 does this mean the target should not be obsoleted at this
 > time?
Between Jason and Ian, if one or both of them are willing to take up this
task, then we should not obsolete the port IMHO.


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