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Group identifier of a comdat group

  I am trying to implement the COMDAT sections support for GCC on IA64, and
I am having a problem finding the group identifier of a COMDAT group.
  The C++ ABI specifies: "The section group's sh_link field identifies a
symbol table section, and its sh_info field the index of a symbol in that
section. The name of that symbol is treated as the identifier of the section
group. "
  I have added the COMDAT support in GCC so that gas can generate COMDAT
sections (the SHT_GROUP sections) with the sh_info and sh_link pointing to
the right entry in symtab, and the name of that section can be used as the
group identifier. However, currently all section names are NULL in the
symtab section. I've noticed that COMDAT section names are not in section
header string table, probably because COMDAT sections  are generated after
shstrtab is put out. They are in strtab though. How can I put section names
in the symtab/strtab? Or, how to find the group identifier from other
places? Thanks.

Jessica Han
Open Source Tools
(408) 447-6154

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