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ASM_OUTPUT_SECTION_NAME cleanup patch problem


This is regarding the ASM_OUTPUT_SECTION_NAME cleanup patch you have posted i.e.
I think due to this patch sh-coff and sh-hms targeted compilers fail to build the outputs for the programs. 
I have used binutils-2.12.1, gcc-3.1 and newlib-1.10 to build these tool chains. The tool chains built fine.

In the case of sh target, crtstuff is used only for elf format and not for hms and coff. 
The EH_FRAME_SECTION_NAME macro is set for sh-coff and sh-hms wrongly. In the source code previous to this patch (gcc-3.0.3,gcc-3.0.4) the EH_FRAME_SECTION was set only if the DWARF2_UNWIND_INFO was set, that was in the defaults.h file. 
But in the patch the DWARF2_UNWIND_INFO macro is not checked while setting the EH_FRAME_SECTION macro. 
The setting of EH_FRAME_SECTION_NAME macro adds a undefined symbol __EH_FRAME_BEGIN__ in libgcc2.a library for sh-coff and sh-hms targets. 
It breaks any program compiled with these compilers, with the following error:

y:\mingwsh-coff3.1\bin\..\lib\gcc-lib\sh-coff\3.1\libgcc.a(__main.o): In function `__do_global_dtors':
libgcc2.c:1904: undefined reference to `__EH_FRAME_BEGIN__'
y:\mingwsh-coff3.1\bin\..\lib\gcc-lib\sh-coff\3.1\libgcc.a(__main.o): In function `__do_global_ctors':
libgcc2.c:1924: undefined reference to `__EH_FRAME_BEGIN__'

I am reporting this problem specifically to you, as you have mentioned in your mail to inform if any target fails. 
Please guide me in this. 

Thanks & Regards
Rekha Bhintade
KPIT Infosystems Ltd.
Tel. (O) 5382358 / 5380217 (333) 
       (R) 5386069 
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