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Re: libjava testsuite hanging on OpenBSD

In article <>,
Marc Espie<> writes:

> Hum, and gctest works when linked statically...

I'm glad you tested this as well since this likely means you were
dealt a fairly easy problem to fix (since you are using ELF). ;-)

In conjunction with looking over the boehm-gc OpenBSD configuration,
this probably means that the GC is not being informed of the complete
map of shared library segments.

I suggest that you need to start by (a) setting up to use the same
code path in boehm-gc/dyn_load.c as used by FREEBSD/ELF; (b) add
DYNAMIC_LOADING to the OpenBSD configuration(s) in

I would also suggest a full audit of OPENBSD guarded stuff in
boehm-gc/include/private/gcconfig.h against FREEBSD/NETBSD guarded
stuff.  I will note a special issue that hit FreeBSD (first observed
on alpha but also rarely seen for i386 due to GNU ld linker script and
the FreeBSD ELF loader): There may be an unmapped memory hole between
etext and edata.  The GC doesn't like such holes unless it is informed
about them.


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