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Re: Newest gcc memory leak on gdb (heads up, only)

In message <>, Andreas Schwab writes:
 > "Donn Terry" <> writes:
 > |> Just in case someone else is also looking at this....
 > |> 
 > |> Sometime between 5/13 and yesterday (5/28) evening (4:30P Pacific), a
 > |> change was made to
 > |> either gdb or gcc such that attempting to compile gdb/p-typeprint.c
 > |> causes a bad memory leak (at least for me).  (After 30 seconds it was at
 > |> 300M
 > |> and finally it grows enough to crash.)
 > I'm seeing a similar leak when bootstrapping on ia64 with Ada enabled.
 > The stage1 compiler is dying while compiling ada/exp_ch11.adb.  The
 > problem started yesterday, the last working CVS was from Tue May 28
 > 08:06:25 UTC 2002.
The regression tester is also coughing.

I recommend we first get the regression tester back into a known good
state, then look and see if the "memory leak" problems are still around.

Right now the regression tester is failing to build mips-elf in a way that
could be related to my changes from yesterday.  Clearly I'm in the process
of trying to build mips-elf myself so that I can investigate. :-)


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