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Re: RFC: Disable RTL inlininer for Java?

> "David S. Miller" <> writes:
> > Why don't we just kill the whole RTL inliner on the mainline?
> > It rots more and more over time, hey this might provide more
> > of an impetus for folks to work on tree inlining for the lagging
> > languages :-)
> This seems to imply that the tree language is the only supported
> interface to the GCC back end.  I.e. no front end should ever bypass
> the tree code to generate RTL directly for the back end.  Is that so?
> Maybe that's obvious to everyone else working with GCC, but I haven't
> seen it stated anywhere.

I believe this is only way for future.
We want to do optimizations at tree level and thus all langauges must
use trees in order to be fully optimized.
I would fully support disabling the rtl inliner even when it cause
temporary performance problems.
I believe that getting Java function-at-time should be current goal of
the Java developers (if time allows, of course), but situation seems to
be more complex on fortran side, as f77 fronend is, well, mess and f90
project does not appear to be avaialble soon.

> -- 
> Lars Brinkhoff     Linux, GCC, PDP-10,
> Brinkhoff Consulting    HTTP programming

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