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Re: New port (ip2k)

Denis Chertykov <> writes:

> I want to commit port before 15 Jun (Before the end of Stage 1 in
> gcc-3.2 development process.

This is not necessary.  We can accept new ports at any time, because
the chance of their breaking anything is very small.  Changes to the
rest of the compiler need to be submitted sooner, depending on how
large the changes are.  Of course, it may help to explain the changes
to the rest of the compiler if we can see how they are used in the new

Denis Chertykov <> writes:

> writes:
> >  In message <k7pmsu9e.fsf@localhost.localdomain>, Denis Chertykov writes:
> >  > > Also note the work may be original based on work Red Hat did for Ubicom --
> >  >  
> >  > > if that is the case, then the underlying work would be covered by Red Hat'
> >  > > blanket copyright assignment.
> >  > 
> >  > What must we have to commit port ? (Which disclaimers and assignments)
> > No additional assignments from Red Hat are needed -- again, this work is
> > covered by Red Hat's blanket assignment to the FSF.
> So, Can I send port for approval right now ?

You must have disclaimers or assignments from all the authors.  You do
not need one from Red Hat beause we've already sent one in.  Anthony
thinks that Ubicom may have already submitted papers; if that's so,
and you've checked that all the port was done by Red Hat and Ubicom,
then you can send the port in.  It will help to have a list of all the
people who worked on the port, for the ChangeLog entry.

In fact, you can send the port in now if you like; the worst case is
that it gets approved, but there's a copyright problem and we have to
take it out again.  I expect it'll take a couple of passes before it's
in shape to be committed anyway.

> Technical question:
> ip2k port have a macro LIMIT_BASE_REG_CLASS which used two times in reload.c
> Just a two call. Can it be approved ?
> I can describe a problem more detailed if required.

You should submit it like you should submit any other change; then, it
will be discussed, and perhaps approved.  You do not need to ask
before submitting changes.

- Geoffrey Keating <> <>

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