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Re: New port (ip2k)

Gerald Pfeifer <> writes:

> On 29 May 2002, Anthony Green wrote:
> > That being said, I believe Ubicom filed blanket assignment papers almost
> > a year ago.  Perhaps somebody could check the FSF's records.
> I didn't find blanket assignment papers, but the following should be
> sufficient AFAICS:
>   GCC BINUTILS    Ubicom, Inc.    2001-05-11
>   Assigns changes to gcc/config/ip2k/ip2k.[ch], ip2k-protos.h,
>; bfd/elf-32-ip2k.c.
>   BINUTILS GCC GDB        Ubicom, Inc.    2001-06-27
>   Assigns following modified files:  cgen/ip2k.cpu, cgen/ip2k.opc,
>   gas/expr.c; in gcc - ip2k.[ch], ip2k-protos.h,, libgcc.S,
>   t-ip2k; in gdb - ip2k-tdep.c, ui-out.[ch], printcmd.c, breakpoint.c,
>   cli/cli-setshow.c, mi/mi-cmd-disas.c, mi/mi-cmd-stack.c,
>   mi/mi-cmd-var.c, mi/mi-main.c
>   BINUTILS DEJAGNU GCC GDB        Ubicom, Inc.    2001-11-01
>   Assigns past and future changes to listed files only (IP2K- and IP4K-related
>   files; list with assignment.  Includes work by Denis Chertykov done for
>   Ubicom.).

Excuse my primitiveness.
Can I send port for approval right now ?
(I don't want to send it right now. I just want to be sure.)


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