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Re: New port (ip2k)

Geoff Keating <> writes:

> Denis Chertykov <> writes:
> > I want to commit new port. It's a very fast 8bit micro controller developed by
> > UBICOM. (UBICOM hire me for work on ip2k port)
> > I will maintain ip2k and avr ports.
> > 
> > Can I commit config/ip2k/* files without approval ?
> > 
> > All files outside config/ip2k/ will be commited only with approval.
> Generally, we ask that a new port gets reviewed before it is committed
> and a maintainer assigned.  The most important things are that you
> have a proper copyright assignment for all of the work, that there's
> someone willing to maintain the port (I guess you would do that), and
> that the port has code style and other formatting consistent with GCC.
> It's helpful if the port mostly works, but not essential so long as
> there's a maintainer.
> If there are other changes to the rest of the compiler, please submit
> them separately from the actual port.  Changes to the port-specific
> parts of files like config.gcc are considered part of the port, but a
> change to (say) reload isn't.
> It's often a good idea to contribute changes to binutils and any
> simulator first, but again not essential.

I want to commit port before 15 Jun (Before the end of Stage 1 in
gcc-3.2 development process.

> This is a port originally done by Red Hat, right? 


> If so, and you haven't made many local changes to these parts, maybe
> I can find someone here to contribute those parts.

I will be happy if someone can contribute binutils, gas, ld ... etc.
IMHO: Correct contributed parts easy even if local changes was made.


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