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Re: QMTest Update

> I can confirm that you have fixed the problem for my environment.
> There is a minor (unrelated?) nit remaining.  I manually killed one
> test run under -j2 after it ran for an hour.  It "properly" failed
> under -j1.  This produced the obvious change in the final report:

I think you are reporting that QMTest "got stuck" on one test at some
point; is that correct?  How rude of it.  Would you email me the
entry in gpp.qmr corresponding to that test; the exception backtrace
may have a useful clue.

I bet I'm going to have a hard time reproducing that, but I'll try.  Can
you reproduce it, or get similar behavior semi-regularly?

Any chance of getting access to your machine, if you can indeed reproduce
this somewhat often?

> It might also be nice if the output recorded in gpp.qmr was stable
> across -j settings and the presence or lack of --seed.

The design has been to write that file as tests come in so that death
of the test run part way through leaves you maximal information.

What we think is really needed are better tools for viewing the XML
data -- including transforming it to normalized textual output of
the form you're requesting.  The "qmtest summarize" command is the
existing mechanism for viewing the results in the XML file, but it
doesn't sort things as you suggest.  That will be coming soon...

Thank you again for experimenting and for your feedback.

Mark Mitchell      
CodeSourcery, LLC  

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