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RFC: missing OpenBSD configuration fragments

I'm beginning to test how the missing OpenBSD configurations fit into 
gcc 3.1.

Basically, I realize now that I should have merged this ages ago, even
though it was `not perfect yet'.

The main stumbling block is powerpc: we actually have had a working powerpc
configuration for a while, and it's quite stable now (most of the ~2000
ports in the OpenBSD tree build and run on powerpc, including such large
pieces as kde 3).

Due to the way the rs6000 stuff is done, this means a small tweak to
rs6000/sysv4.h, to accommodate an extra configuration.

I would very much like this to show up in 3.1.1, since there is already
partial support in gcc 3.1 (the openbsd configurations configure, they
don't bootstrap due to missing files). Would this be okay ? I don't think
that adding -mcall-openbsd stuff to sysv4.h would kill anything else.

Otherwise, it can go into current, but I'm a bit fed up of merging this
again and again (again my fault).

The other part is more interesting: alpha. We switched the alpha port from
ECOFF to ELF.  Basically, OpenBSD-ECOFF is *dead* (completely). It never
worked that well anyways. So I surmise this is a case where hijacking the
configuration entirely (e.g., such that alpha-*-openbsd* now means `elf')
makes sense: the upgrade path from an old openbsd configuration goes
through updating to a binary elf snapshot, and we don't expect anyone
to stay stuck with the old port.

We also have a working sparc64 configuration. Yep, it's even running with
gcc 2.95.3, and correctly enough to bootstrap the whole system + userland
in 64 bits mode (I know that gcc-2.95.3 is supposed to be broken for
sparc64), but still it was good enough for us.

Comments on that ?

I'll try to prepare patches for relevant architectures, once I've checked
they bootstrap.

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