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Re: make sh-1 support in gcc obsolete?

Ralf Corsepius wrote:
[sh-1 is broken and sh-coff was broken]
> This is sad to hear. I am inclined this qualifies to be a bug in GCC and
> as a regression to gcc-2.95.x


> No, this perspective doesn't match. The SH1/sh-coff is among the targets
> RTEMS supports.

Are there still people using it, apart from testing that it still works?

> RTEMS currently is in the process of switching to 3.1 (Still using
> SH-coff, still supporting the SH1), so we probably will encounter the
> problems you mention.

Note that the assembler silently assembles the file as SH-2 code, and
thus it is linked and run by the simulator as SH-2.  But tests on SH1 hardware
can be expected to fail.
If we want to continue to support SH-1, we should have the compiler pass an
option to the assembler to limit the acceptable instruction set to the one
being used, so that regressions are caught.  Otherwise, SH-2 instruction are
just too likely to sneak back in. 
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