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Testcases for multibyte character handling

On Fri, 12 Apr 2002, Zack Weinberg wrote (on gcc-patches):

> I would also like to see more thorough test cases.  Please do some
> coverage analysis and make sure that all code paths are hit by the
> tests.

> Suggest you add a predefined macro (__EXTENDED_CHARSETS__, or
> something like that) to the preprocessor, which is defined if
> --enable-c-mbchar was specified.  Then #ifdef out the test cases when
> that macro isn't defined.  You'll also need some way of getting
> dejagnu to set environment variables.

I have another multibyte character patch to submit soon; it'll include
fixes in my earlier work, and testcases. It seems that dejagnu has a
facility for setting environment variables, so that aspect of things may
be easier.

It would be sensible to add a predefined macro to the preprocessor for
these testcases. Would there be any way to insure that these tests are
excercised on a regular basis? e.g., would it be appropriate to add
--enable-c-mbchar to the configure line of the nightly gcc regression 


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