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Re: New port (ip2k)

Denis Chertykov <> writes:

> I want to commit new port. It's a very fast 8bit micro controller developed by
> UBICOM. (UBICOM hire me for work on ip2k port)
> I will maintain ip2k and avr ports.
> Can I commit config/ip2k/* files without approval ?
> All files outside config/ip2k/ will be commited only with approval.

Generally, we ask that a new port gets reviewed before it is committed
and a maintainer assigned.  The most important things are that you
have a proper copyright assignment for all of the work, that there's
someone willing to maintain the port (I guess you would do that), and
that the port has code style and other formatting consistent with GCC.
It's helpful if the port mostly works, but not essential so long as
there's a maintainer.

If there are other changes to the rest of the compiler, please submit
them separately from the actual port.  Changes to the port-specific
parts of files like config.gcc are considered part of the port, but a
change to (say) reload isn't.

It's often a good idea to contribute changes to binutils and any
simulator first, but again not essential.  This is a port originally
done by Red Hat, right?  If so, and you haven't made many local
changes to these parts, maybe I can find someone here to contribute
those parts.

- Geoffrey Keating <> <>

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