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Re: -pthreads on hppa?

In message <E16o8yX-0000Ew-00@Princess>, Allan Sandfeld Jensen writes:
 > Hi
 > I now have a succesfull build of gcc-3.1 on a hppa2.0 -hpux11.0 using 
 > -enable-threads=dce
 > I noticed that <pthread.h> on hpux11 now defaults to modern posix behavior 
 > requiring _POSIX_DRAFT4 defined to revert to the old.

 > I was looking in the sparc-arch how you there handle two different 
 > thead-models there. Sparc had both an -threads and and a -pthreads. Pa has 
 > the -threads that use DCE-threads, but no option to use modern pthreads. Is 
 > there any reason why the new pthread implementation in hpux11 is not good 
 > enough?
Just haven't taken the time to handle the different thread models available
under hpux11.

 > If the answer to both of the above is negative, I plan to make a minor patch
 > to pa-arch introducing the -pthreads option ala sparc, and adding both the 
 > -threads and -pthreads to the architecture-documentation.
Sounds good.

 > However I strongly
 > feel the docementation of the thread-options should be moved to an 
 > architecture independed chapter, and written by someone more familiar with 
 > origin of the different options and archs.

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