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Call Centres In India


The Call Centre Industry is booming in India, and it is beginning to change the lives of many in the country. Are you thinking of getting associated with the Call Centre Industry in India in any way? Or are you generally interested in knowing more about the industry in India and abroad? Maybe for your Library?

If yes and if you are in India, then here is a Report that you may want to see. It is a Report on the Call Centre Industry which gives you a very good insight to the industry, and is ideal for anyone who wants first-hand knowledge of the industry. The price of this report has been kept at a very reasonable Rs.950/- (including delivery charges for any location in India) or US$ 20, as against other Reports being sold at a much higher price.

I suggest you have a look and decide. Please click here:

IMPORTANT: PLEASE DO NOT REPLY TO ME AT THIS EMAIL ADDRESS; you may contact the publishers directly, whose contact details are mentioned in the above link.

With Warm Regards,

Jennifer Andrews

PRICE OF REPORT: Rs. 950/- US$ 20 with free delivery anywhere in India.

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