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Re: gcc-3.1 build successful in hppa64-hp-hpux11.00

     gcc-3.1 builds successfully for hppa64-hp-hpux11.00. The problem
mentioned below is because of the linker (binutils-2.12), ldd is not able to
recognize the file magic written by ld, not a problem of gcc. I used the
below to build the compiler.


(using binutils-2.12 for hppa64-hp-hpux11.00)
% ../gcc-3.1/configure --prefix=/tmp/dkarthik/gcc64 --enable-shared \
?                      --with-as=/user/dkarthik/usr64/bin/as \
?                      --with-ld=/user/dkarthik/usr64/bin/ld \
?                      --enable-languages="c,c++,f77" \
?                      --disable-nls \
?                      --host=hppa64-hp-hpux11.00

Janis Johnson wrote:

> On Fri, May 17, 2002 at 01:04:04PM +0530, Karthikeyan M.D. wrote:
> > Hi,
> >     I am able to build gcc-3.1 in PA RISC 64 platform successfully.
> > However when I use this new compiler (gcc-3.1) am not able to build
> > shared executables. Instead it always build statically linked 64 bit
> > executables. I used the below to build the compiler
> I'll wait to add this platform to the 3.1 build status list until
> there's a description of how to get around this problem; please send
> mail again when it works.
> A build message for GCC 3.0.1 mentioned that the build for this platform
> was not straightforward, but there's not much in the platform-specific
> installation information at
> Janis


Karthikeyan M.D.
Hewlett-Packard, Indian Express Building
Bangalore - 560052, Karnataka
Phone: +91 080 2863394 Ext. 1730

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