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Re: Build 3.1 Fails, if build dir is on not on source file system, due to hard link creation.

On May 23, 2002, Phil Edwards <> wrote:

> And as Benjamin wrote in the response to PR 6776, this is from a standard
> autoconf macro, AC_PROG_LN_S, which can be 'ln' or 'ln -s' or (depending
> on whether we ever move to 2.50) 'cp'.  If the autoconf macro is causing
> problems, please report it to the autoconf maintainers.

It is not the macro that is causing problems.  It tests for certain
uses of the command it chooses, but not for any use whatsoever.  There
are filesystem types that do not support hard links at all, or that do
not support soft links at all.  And it's not like you can do anything
at all with AC_PROG_LN_S that you can do with ln -s; there are some
uses that are not supported.  Check the docs, and if you don't make
sense from what I mean looking at the autoconf docs, it may well be
the case that the autoconf docs are missing such restrictions.

Anyway, it's always been recommended that, if $(LN_S) fails, you
fallback to cp.  That's the correct way to use it.

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