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Build 3.1 Fails, if build dir is on not on source file system, due to hard link creation.

PR: 6776

LibSTDC++ will cause a GCC 3.1 build to fail if the build and source directory
are on different file systems. This is because it tries to create a hard link
from a header file to the build directory and doesn't gracefully handle the

I tried to copy the file, assuming that make would see the file and not try to
create the link. It tried to create the link anyway and this time failed as the
file exists. If creating a link fails then IMO copying the file is a good way
to overcome the error. It will be removed when the build is cleaned.

I looked in the generated make file and there are macros naming the files but
the macros are never used. Since GCC's build system is unfamiliar and more
advanced then I fully understand, does anyone know how to overcome this
problem? A hack is acceptable. Otherwise, does anyone know where to start so I
can try to fix it myself?

Background: I use my home machine mainly for Games and Programming, it is a
mult-boot machine with Win95, Dos, BeOS and Linux. I have Fat16 data partitions
as it is the only file system all OSes handle. I don't have much space on my
Linux partition so that's why the build is on another partition. - Yahoo! Briefcase
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