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Re: QMTest and the G++ testsuite

On May 22, 2002, Alexandre Oliva <> wrote:

> One of the major selling points of QMTest that I've seen is the
> ability to easily compare test results with those of a previous run,
> but, hey!, we've had diff for decades now :-)

And the other major selling point, the ability to run multiple tests
in parallel, wouldn't help me much, so I keep forgetting about it.
Oops.  Thanks Loren for unknowingly reminding me of that in his recent
posting about QMTest :-)

That's definitely an interesting feature, and one that I've wanted in
DejaGNU for a while, until I realized that parallel testing didn't
improve time at all on my uni-processor Athlon box.  But in the cases
where it would actually make a difference in multi-processor machines,
e.g. when testing a toolchain with dozens of multilibs, I can already
test in parallel with a Makefile hack introduced a while ago.

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