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Re: Some (small) c++ compilation profiling data (oprofile)

> For recursive descent, an example file Kaveh sent me about a
> memory allocation bug a couple of weeks ago had a macro that
> expanded to an expression with over twenty leading parentheses.
> For recursive descent, I think each parenthesis would be handled
> at the bottom of about 15 function calls with the C expression
> grammar; cpplib's parser breezes through that far more quickly.

Sure you can certainly find anomolous cases, but still I am dubious whether
it can make that much difference if you keep everything else the same. 
Recursive descent parsing is *so* fast that it is hard to believe that
it can ever be significant. The parser for Ada 83 that I wrote runs
at about 100,000,000 lines per minute on a moderate PC (the full parser
including lexical analysis is about ten times slower, since the lexer 
takes 10 times the parse time, which is what I typically see over quite
a range of languages).

it is true that the language oddity in C of parenthesizing inline expressions
from macros does generate noise. It is quite easy to write a C parser so maybe
at least I will do that to compare with Ada, writing a C++ parser is more
trouble :-)

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