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Re: Please try this testcase on Solaris.

"H . J . Lu" <> writes:

> But the C++ testcase works fine on your Solaris? 

For me, this is only hearsay so far, I have not verified this
myself. I believe Jason Merrill has, and came to the conclusion that
even though appears to work the same, that RTTI matching still
behaves different, without further investigating why.

I'll see whether I can get further details.

> Anyway, we have a strange situation here:

I agree.

> 1. A has undefined symbol, foo, and B's behavior depends on the
> definition of foo.
> 2. B has DT_NEEDED for A and has a difinition of foo.
> 3. C has DT_NEEDED for A and has a difinition of foo.
> When both B and C are dlopened with RTLD_LOCAL, A may not work right
> if the same A in memory is used for both B and C since foo in B may be
> different from foo in A. I can come up with other testcases to show it.
> I don't know if/how the dynamic linker should handle it.

I think it should: As David Abrahams suggests, the dynamic linker
should resolve all references for foo to the definiton in B (thus
ignoring the definition in C, just as it would with RTLD_GLOBAL).


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