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Re: libtool version

On Sunday, May 19, 2002, at 03:48  PM, Alexandre Oliva wrote:

> On May 19, 2002, "Timothy J. Wood" <> wrote:
>>    Is there any big reason to not upgrade gcc to use the latest
>> libtool release?
> The version in GCC is actually newer than libtool 1.4.x; it's an old
> snapshot of the CVS tree that will eventually become libtool 1.5 (/me
> wonders if 1.5 is out and I didn't notice :-), back from when it still
> didn't require autoconf 2.5x.

   The problem is in's definition of archive_expsym_cmds or the 
quoting of same that happens when it is written into the libtool script 
(this is when we're targeting MinGW, so it's all the dlltool crud).  
When that copy of libtool is run I get a bunch of errors.

   Unfortunately the quoting is arcane enough that I've not had any luck 
fixing it.

   I tried installing the lastest stable libtool, libtoolizing gcc and 
libobjc and had no luck.  The ltconfig script appears to get run from 
the custom libtool.m4 -- but I tried linking that to the updated version 
from libtool and STILL got the stupid quoting problems (although I'm 
rerunning my build from clean now to see if stuff just got left around)


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