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Re: Some (small) c++ compilation profiling data (oprofile)

Richard Henderson wrote:-

> On Sun, May 19, 2002 at 10:59:00PM +0100, Neil Booth wrote:
> > I think the only user of the hash table in question is cpplib +
> > C front-ends, for identifiers (hashtable.{c,h}).
> Hum.  We're still starting with
> cpphash.c:      table = ht_create (13); /* 8K (=2^13) entries.  */
> dwarf2out.c:      debug_str_hash = ht_create (10);
> stringpool.c:  ident_hash = ht_create (14);
> numbers that look suspiciously small.

Looks like dwarf2out has become a new customer 8-)  I'm not
sure why GCC and CPP are using different constants; that
should be changed as they're covering the same code.  What
would you suggest as "average"?

Maybe you're right.  The code expands the table if it's 75%
full, so in some sense it's really only 6K/12K entries.

That still seems ample to me, but I guess I need to check.

IMO the average GCC file is not a bad approximation of an
"average" file, so checking a few GCC files should be enough. 


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