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Re: Some (small) c++ compilation profiling data (oprofile)

On Fri, May 17, 2002 at 09:09:29PM +0100, Neil Booth wrote:

> > Yes.  It gets called for every identifier in the program, and there
> > are more of those than anything else in typical C++.
> Hmm.  I'm not so sure.  cpp_get_token is called for every token,
> including tokens during macro expansion.  It was nowhere in sight,
> but has a similar amount of logic.

082cdfc0 202270   0.387523    cpp_get_token

35th highest

> My understanding of the posted data was that it was just the time
> spent in the given routine, and didn't include children.  If that


> Is it possible to break it down into per-line or per-block info?

Yes. Unfortunately the gcc I built doesn't have useful debug info
(and oddly enough attempting to read it with 2.12.1's libbfd causes
a segfault)

> Or run it with -fmem-report to see if the hash table statistics
> look suspicious?

I'll do this


"It is very difficult to prophesy, especially when it pertains to the
 	- Patrick Kurzawe

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