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Re: gcc compile-time performance (Robert Dewar) writes:

| > The point from reality you're missing is that as a mere teacher one
| > doesn't have the ability to use such an alternative tool or have  the
| > necessary financial support -- I'm teaching C and C++ in one the
| > greatest French engineer school and I have to use very very old and
| > slow HP machines. 
| Well that surely makes very little sense.

Obviously, you know next to nothing about how things are in the French
education system, and how universities and engineer schools get
financial support.  Please, go and check out to get some sense of

| France is not exactly a third
| world country,

Certainly, it is not.  But that doesn't imply that universities and
school have unlimited budget.

| and there is no reason why "one the greatest French engineer
| school" should be using junk hardware to teach.

I'm talking of  "École Centrale de Lyon"m

I'm a former student of the "École Normale Supérieure de Cachan",
(I've been using computers there since 1995 and I do know what
machines I'm using there).  The situation is not better in
universities that don't have enough financial support.

The view that GCC is slow and should remain slow is ridiculous.

-- Gaby

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