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Re: gcc compile-time performance

Toon Moene wrote:
> Stan Shebs wrote:
> > Robert Dewar wrote:
> > > My own feeling here is that compile time performance is less important
> > > than run time performance. We have never seen a customer pushed in the
> > > direction of a proprietary compiler by compile time performance, but we
> > > have seen many concerns about runtime performance being slower.
> > Depends on the audience.  Most Apple developers pound on Steve Jobs
> > about GCC being slower than CodeWarrior, then Steve proceeds to
> > pound on us. :-( :-)
> That makes me feel like there's something wrong in the management style
> at Apple - surely Steve "insanely great" Jobs shouldn't pound on
> individual compiler engineers ?!?!?

I was *kidding*.  It all goes through the proper chain of command.
Jobs is not an engineer and doesn't experience compiler slowness
personally, but when he visits with developers, it comes up a lot.
3rd-party developers, both free and proprietary, are critical to
Apple's success, so if they're unhappy about something, the CEO
wants to know what we're doing about it.

On the plus side, we are getting kudos for moving to 3.1, both
for C++ conformance and improved codegen quality.


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