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Re: gcc compile-time performance

On Friday 17 May 2002 17:14, Robert Dewar wrote:
> My own feeling here is that compile time performance is less important
> than run time performance. We have never seen a customer pushed in the
> direction of a proprietary compiler by compile time performance, but we
> have seen many concerns about runtime performance being slower.
I've seen the argument a few times lately "I like this compiler because it 
has better run-time performance than MSVC, but it ought to be able to 
accomplish that without taking longer than a non-optimized MSVC build."  On a 
bootstrap build, we're really pushing things to expect the first stage 
compiler, built with no optimization, to build a complete set of compilers 
for all languages with full optimization, and then asking for it to be fast 
as well.  It doesn't require -O2 to get as much optimization as gcc used to 
have, but I don't see anyone willing to cut back even to -Os to economize on 
bootstrap time.
Tim Prince

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