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Re: gcc compile-time performance

> No, I don't mean a bootstrap of GCC.  I mean a bootstrap of something
> like a proprietary CAD tool.

What does it mean to "bootstrap" a proprietary CAD tool?

Surely you mean build and not bootstrap. It is true that my example of
GNAT bootstrapping is a fairly small case (between half a million and
a million lines of actual source - not counting the equivalent of headers
read) compiled in 10 minutes on a slow machine.

I agree that this is not spectacular in speed, but in practice if a complete
system build takes a couple of hours (which is typical of compiling a few
million lines on a very fast machine) that's not terrible.

I certainly understand the desire for very fast compilation. The whole of
the Realia compiler was designed with this in mind, it compiled at 10,000
lines/minute on a 4.77 MHz PC 1, and a bootstrap took less than a minute
on a 25Mhz 386.

When I first came to using GCC, I was dismayed by the speed (but then I
was using a 25MHz 486), Now that I use a 1.35MHz PIII, I find the speed
acceptable, and I am more concerned with performance of the generated code.

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