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Re: suggestions for GCC 3.2 release criteria

Janis Johnson wrote:
> While waiting for lots of builds and short benchmarks I've been thinking
> about the GCC 3.1 release criteria and how they might be improved upon
> for 3.2.  My suggestions are presented in the form of a patch for the
> initial 3.2 release criteria document, but the following is meant to be
> a set of suggestions that can be evaluated separately; I merely found it
> easier to put them together this way.  Mark and Gerald are, of course,
> free to do whatever they want with this.

You touch on an interesting idea, which is to have the testing
volunteers signed up ahead of time.  I think it would be very
useful to set this up immediately and publicize it, so that we
know who is planning to do what for testing.  For instance,
while I could test Darwin bootstrapping, testsuite, and some apps,
plus Objective-C on Linux, I don't really have the cycles to test
Linux kernel building too.

If an HTMLer set this up as a big table, then as the volunteers
come and go (can't count on everyone being there throughout),
everybody can see what's being covered and what's not.  Also
being officially documented is an advantage if you have to
negotiate with management for the time to do some of the work.
You could even sell the concept as a quasi-donation ("testing
coverage for Boost on fr30 provided courtesy of BigCo, Inc.") :-)


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